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The UK Solar Sector Reaffirms Its Dedication To Fostering A Sustainable Supply Chain.

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Members of the UK solar industry are dedicated to advancing an ethos of transparency, social responsibility, and effective governance within global solar supply chains, striving for the highest standards possible. This commitment includes efforts to mitigate the impact of raw material extraction, conserve water, reduce carbon emissions throughout the value chain, and ensure the eradication of human rights violations, such as forced labor, from any part of the global supply network.

This resolve builds upon an earlier statement from 2021, which laid the groundwork for the development of a traceability protocol. The industry’s collective efforts culminated in the recent launch of the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI), a specialized assurance scheme crafted through collaboration between Solar Energy UK, SolarPower Europe, industry stakeholders, sustainability experts, and governmental bodies. The SSI aims to foster ongoing enhancements in the sustainability and traceability of the solar value chain.

Presently, 55 companies and organizations within the sector have pledged their full support to the principles of the SSI. They are committed to sourcing photovoltaic modules exclusively from manufacturers adhering to SSI standards for future projects.

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Chris Hewett, Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK, emphasized the importance of this initiative, highlighting its alignment with ethical, environmental, and industry standards. He encourages more companies to endorse these principles, championing human rights and environmental stewardship across the solar sector.


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