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The leading Solar Hotspots in England Are Revealed

Solar Hotspots

New data unveils the top regions in England for solar panel installations since the start of 2023, surpassing the national average growth rate.

Recent data analyzing the installation of solar panels on residential properties since the beginning of 2023 has revealed the top five most solar-conscious regions in England.

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Insights from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), an industry standards organization, indicate that South Cambridgeshire leads with a growth rate of 1.86%, followed by St Albans (1.64%), Westmorland and Furness (1.63%), East Cambridgeshire (1.61%), and Winchester (1.58%).

These areas notably surpass the national average growth rate of 0.59% from January 2023 onwards.

In 2023, solar panels in England generated 793,038 kWh of energy output, equivalent to powering 20 million phones for a week.

The projected installations for 2024, combined with those since January 2023, total 223,299. The regional analysis was conducted by installer Project Solar based on MCS data.


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