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Exagen 20MW Energy Storage Facility Gets Green Light


The site plan CGI depicts the layout. Covering 5.7 acres, the site is effectively shielded by mature trees and hedgerows. The battery storage facility will be accommodated in green-painted modular units, designed to blend seamlessly and reduce visual disruption. Image: Exagen.

Tewkesbury Borough Council has approved Exagen’s plans to construct a 20MW/40MWh battery storage facility within the Cheltenham and Gloucester Green Belt.

Named the Brockworth Road Energy Reserve, this battery energy storage system (BESS) will boast an export capacity of around 20MW with a duration of two hours. Positioned just north of the A417, it marks Exagen’s second battery energy storage project to gain planning consent this year.

Spanning 5.7 acres, the site benefits from natural screening provided by existing trees and hedgerows. The battery storage facility will be housed in modular units painted green to minimize its visual impact.

Projects like Brockworth Road contribute significantly to reducing the UK’s dependence on imported gas and enhancing energy security. They also play a crucial role in decarbonizing the grid by facilitating the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources.

Moreover, battery storage is increasingly vital to meet rising electricity demands resulting from widespread electrification of transportation and heating.

Exagen provided compelling evidence for developing within the Green Belt, with the site selection justified. The project garnered appreciation from councillors for delivering special circumstances while minimizing alterations to the Green Belt.

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With promises of a 37% biodiversity net gain through initiatives like wildflower meadow planting and hedgerow enhancements, Exagen considered various alternatives before settling on the chosen site.

After conducting public consultations in June and July 2023, Exagen revised its planning application to reduce the overall footprint and minimize visual impact.

Backed by funding from the Octopus Energy Development Partnership, a subsidiary of Octopus Energy Generation with a minority stake in Exagen Group, the company aims to continually expand its project pipeline. Its goal is to secure planning permission and commence construction for 500MW of UK sites annually.

Ben Fawcett, Exagen Group’s commercial and development director, hailed the approval for the Brockworth Road Energy Reserve as a significant milestone. He praised both Tewkesbury Borough Council and the local community for their commitment to achieving the UK’s net zero emissions target.


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