Registrations of Battery Electric Vehicles Reach an All-time High

battery electric vehicles

The industry has emphasized the necessity of electric vehicle incentives as the market share of battery electric vehicles decreases despite reaching record-high registration levels. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has announced a 10.4% surge in new car registrations for March, marking the strongest performance since 2019 and extending the growth streak to […]

The leading Solar Hotspots in England Are Revealed

Solar Hotspots

New data unveils the top regions in England for solar panel installations since the start of 2023, surpassing the national average growth rate. Recent data analyzing the installation of solar panels on residential properties since the beginning of 2023 has revealed the top five most solar-conscious regions in England. Also Read: UK Startup Unveils Ambitious […]

UK Startup Unveils Ambitious Battery Initiatives

Battery Initiatives

NatPower Group’s startup in the UK has revealed its intention to license three ‘gigaparks’ consisting of large-scale battery storage projects by the upcoming year. A UK-based startup, affiliated with the larger European energy group NatPower Group, has unveiled plans to license three ‘gigaparks’ comprising large battery storage projects by the following year, aiming to extend […]